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Dr. Bruce Katcher can bring your next conference to life with a truly memorable dinner presentation your audience will never forget. Bruce will share his years of personal experience on how to really enjoy what you eat. He will relate it to the lives of his audience and demonstrate parallels with their work.

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Here is what people are saying about this presentation:

"Bruce got everyone involved with a very funny talk. He's clever and engaging. The only time I stopped laughing was to eat dessert."

Herb Fox, President, Multi-Track Sales and Marketing

"A five-star presentation! Bruce's energy and enthusiasm turned an ordinary meal into an enjoyable learning event. His ability to link the simple act of eating to relevant business goals and objectives was superb -- and his wit and humor were just what was needed to clean the palette between two information-packed meetings."

Dan King, President, Career Planning and Management, Inc.

Here are a few of the basic eating principles that Bruce will relate
to your business:

  • Focusing on what you are eating

    Take a lesson from wine connoisseurs who swirl, sniff, taste, and discuss each sip of wine. If you don't really focus on what you are eating, it will just pass right through your mouth and you will have missed out on all of the pleasurable sensations.

  • Plan Your Approach to the Dinner Plate

    Just like a baseball batter must plan a strategy before stepping up to the plate, all eaters should plan how they are going to approach the dinner plate. Key questions include: In what order should I eat the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce? Should I fill up my fork with a combination of foods, or restrict my intake to one food at a time? Should I spread the gravy on just the turkey or everything on my plate?

  • Coordinate the Solids and Liquids

    There is nothing worse than ending up with a dry mouth because you've taken your last bite from the plate and didn't save any liquid to fully cleanse your palette with one last slurp.

  • Avoid dining with non-food lovers

    Eating can be torture if you are sitting with people who complain about the food, talk about how unhealthy the food is, or don't enjoy discussing the pleasure of the experience. Guilt and bad vibes during mealtime is a prescription for indigestion.

  • and; Save the Best Bite for Last

    To maximize the pleasure you experience from your meal, it is critical that you save the very best bite for last so that you can prolong the pleasure of the taste sensation.

In addition to his more than 20 years as an Industrial/Organizational psychologist and management consultant, Bruce has been a gourmet cook and voracious eater since before he was born (as reported by his mother). He taught Weight Watcher classes for five years but then was kicked out because he enjoyed eating too much. He also was a member of an improvisational comedy group for several years.

For further information on how Bruce can enhance your next meeting by educating, informing, and entertaining your colleagues, contact him at: 888-784-4367, or email .

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