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Why Your Employees are Unhappy and What You Can Do About It

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This speech (or workshop) is based on Dr. Katcher's book,
"30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers and What You Can Do About It"
published by AMACOM.

He will talk about the many lessons he has learned from his more than 25 years of employee research. He has conducted employee surveys for more than 65 organizations and has gathered a wealth of information about workers' attitudes from more than 50,000 employees. Each part of his talk will reveal why employees are unhappy and, more importantly, what managers can do to improve the situation.

For example, he will share his insights about why employees:

  • Feel they are treated like children;

  • Don't trust senior management;

  • Think their organizations are poorly run;

  • Feel they're not getting what they deserve from their employers; and

  • Believe their job is ruining the quality of their lives.

The objective of this speech is to help managers reduce employee unhappiness. Attendees will leave the presentation with a list of specific techniques they can use to improve employee morale in their organizations.

Bruce is a dynamic and entertaining presenter. In this speech, he will share many stories from his personal and consulting experience about why employees are unhappy and what management can do to improve morale and make their workplaces more productive.

A few of the employee complaints he will discuss are:

  • "I don't feel free to voice my opinions openly here."

  • "I feel like a slave."

  • "Management isn't listening to us."

  • "My boss is terrible."

  • "Why don't they get rid of all the dead wood around here."

  • "I'm not paid fairly."

  • "I've lost confidence in management."

  • "I feel trapped and wish I could go out on my own."

  • "The only reason I stay here is the people."

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