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The 21 Secrets of Finding a Job      (Free DVD available for meeting planners\)

Listen to Bruce Katcher talk about The 21 Secrets of Finding a Job.

Dr. Bruce Katcher has successfully counseled thousands of workers find new jobs. He has conducted several hundred workshops to help employees weather the trauma of job loss, get back on their feet, and move on with their lives. He is a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter that is able to motivate employees to be proactive in their job search. Also embedded in this practical, how-to session are the research findings from his doctoral dissertation, "The Psychological Experience of Leaving a Job."

Topics he will cover include:

  1. It's All About Focus.

  2. Figure Out What Working Really Means To You.

  3. You've Got To Be A Detective.

  4. Understand Why Will Somebody Hire You.

  5. Know How People Really Find Jobs.

  6. You've Got To Have A 30-Second Schpeil.

  7. Recruiters Can Help, But Don't Work For You.

  8. There Are Really Only Two Types Of Resumes.

  9. Accomplishments Are More Important Than Experience.

  10. Maintain Your Respect And Dignity.

  11. There Are Only Two Types Of People In The World.

  12. Referral Sources Are Powerful.

  13. Interviews Are Fraught With Conflicts.

  14. Interviewing Is All About Chemistry.

  15. Most Interviewers Don't Have A Clue.

  16. Move To The Tension

  17. Employers Want To Be Understood.

  18. Go For The Close.

  19. Spread Good Will All Around You.

  20. You've Got To Negotiate.

  21. Advice From An Ancient Chinese Philosopher

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