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How to Reduce Employee Attrition

This program is available as a half-day, full day, or two-day workshop. It is designed for managers in organizations that realize that they must curtail employee attrition. The workshops are based on Dr. Katcher's award winning book, "30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers," published by AMACOM.

The workshop is customized and typically involves both pre and post workshop assessments.

The objectives of the workshop are to motivate manages to take specific actions to reduce employee attrition by making certain they realize that:

  • Employees join organizations but leave their managers.

  • Employees may say they are leaving for more money, but that's rarely the real reason.

  • Employee attrition is extremely expensive.

  • By practicing solid management techniques, employee attrition can be significantly reduced.

The major topics of the workshop are what we call "The Eight "R's for Reducing Attrition:"

  1. Responsibility

  2. Reality-based Hiring

  3. Respect

  4. Recognition

  5. Real Growth Opportunities

  6. Results

  7. Reduce Stress

  8. Reflect on Your Own Career

For further information on how Dr. Katcher can help your organization reduce employee attrition, contact him at: 781-784-4367, or email .

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