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30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers

What Your People May Be Thinking
and What You Can Do About It

by Bruce L. Katcher with Adam Snyder

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"30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers," was selected as one of the best business books of 2007 by the business magazine strategy + business and also by Library Journal, a publication of Reed Elsevier Inc. It is also a finalist for the 2007 Book of the Year Award by ForeWord Magazine.

Published by AMACOM, the publishing arm
of The American Management Association.
© 2007 Bruce L. Katcher.
All rights reserved.

The purpose of this book is to help managers and human resource professionals understand why their employees are unhappy and what they can do to make their workplace a more friendly and productive environment.

Managers pour over tons of data to manage their business. They read daily financial reports about sales, expenses, and assets. But in a competitive environment in which employee productivity is a crucial asset, a quantitative report on the psychological health of employees is an equally important tool.

Each of the five parts of this book addresses a specific issue that our research shows is of particular concern to employees. Employees complain that they are not given they freedom they need to perform their work and that they are treated like children. Part I discusses what managers can do to treat employees more like adults.

In many organizations managers don't respect the work of employees and employees don't respect the decisions made by managers. Part II discusses how to break this vicious cycle

Many employees do not feel managers provide them with enough qualified staff, training, or direction to properly perform their work. They also believe the organization is operating inefficiently and is poorly run. Part III discusses how to provide employees with what they really need to do their work and how to avoid inefficiencies caused by excessive red tape, lack of communication between departments, and poorly run meetings.

Many employees feel unappreciated by their managers.

They receive useless performance reviews and have little chance of receiving promotions the pay increases and promotions they feel they deserve. Part IV discusses what managers can do to address these concerns.

Part V discusses how managers can help employees avoid feeling trapped on their job with no way to escape, viewing their work as "just a job" with no job security, and feeling distant and uncommitted to their organization.

The thirty chapters describe the problem and explain some of the psychological theories that provide insights into why employees feel like slaves and why many employers feel like masters. And finally, each chapter outlines specific steps management can take to make the work environment a more productive and satisfying place for both employees and management.

Table of Contents


Published by AMACOM
By: Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D.

PART I. - Employees Are Treated Like Children

  1. We Feel Like Slaves

  2. I Know How to Do My Job, Why Can't They Just Let Me Do It?

  3. I Am Afraid to Speak Up

  4. Nobody Appreciates My Hard Work

  5. There Are Different Rules for Different People

    PART II.- Employees Aren't Respected

  6. Management Doesn't Listen to Us

  7. Management Doesn't Respect Us

  8. So Who's in Charge Anyway?

  9. I Don't Trust the Information I Receive from Management

  10. My Boss Is a Terrible Manager

    PART III. - Employees Aren't Receiving What They Really Need

  11. I've Lost Confidence in Management

  12. We're Understaffed

  13. They Don't Tell Me What I Need to Know to Do My Work

  14. We Need More Training

  15. The Quality of Our Products and Services Is Terrible

  16. I Receive Poor Service from Other Departments

  17. There's Too Much Red Tape Here

  18. Why Don't They Get Rid of All of the Deadwood Around Here?

  19. There Are Too Many Damn Meetings

    PART IV. - Employees Feel Unappreciated

  20. I'm Not Paid Fairly

  21. It's Just Not Right That We All Receive the Same Pay

  22. My Performance Reviews Are Useless

  23. There's No Link Between My Pay and Job Performance

  24. The Cost of My Benefits Is Eating Up My Paycheck

  25. It's Impossible to Get Promoted Here

    PART V. - W-O-R-K Has Become a 4-Letter Word

  26. I Hate Coming in to Work, It's Become Just a Job for Me Now

  27. There's No Job Security Here

  28. I've Got No Time for Myself or My Family

  29. I Feel Trapped, I Wish I Could Go Out on My Own

  30. My Company Isn't Committed to Me, So Why So Why Should I Be Committed to It?

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What people are saying about this book

'30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers' is an enjoyable book to read. It conveniently aligns the problem, the psychology, and the solutions--all in the same chapter. The examples are practical issues that we all face each day.

Michael N. Piergrossi
Vice President of Human Resources
W.R. Grace & Company

Bruce Katcher has put together a management toolkit that quite simply could transform a negative situation within the workplace to one of great promise. Employees should also take heed. There are a number of practical suggestions that can open the door to constructive improvements in the management/employee relationship, leading to improved business results.

Bob Gatti
Gatti Associates

This book will open your eyes. Here's a glimpse of how employees view their management. The research findings in "30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers" will reveal exactly what you can do, in your organization, to attain higher productivity and more satisfied employees.

John D. Drake, Ph.D.
Founder and former CEO of Drake Beam Morin, Inc.
one of the world's largest human resource consulting firms

As the "War for Talent" heats up, the ability to keep good people engaged and productive at work is going to be an even more important source of competitive advantage for employers. Bruce Katcher has written a very readable and practical book for motivated managers. The insights presented can help managers improve their business impact by making it easier for employees to both enjoy their jobs and get more done.

Nancy Jagmin, Ph.D.
Vice President, Organizational Capability

Bruce Katcher shows a keen understanding of the psychological dynamics of the workplace. This book is chock-full of practical advice for employers and managers who want to improve.

Angelo S. Ioffreda
Vice President, Internal Communications

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